M{zd{2 GVC

Shattering all notions
of the subcompact class

We refused to compromise on the passion and technology we put into this update, and greatly enhanced the essential values of the Mazda2 as a result. I hope this car will brighten owners’ lives and become the “World’s Most Appealing Subcompact Car” for our customers.

Akihiro Kashiwagi
Mazda2 Program Manager


Ready to lead the way

Designers and engineers won’t making compromises on Mazda2 GVC, we insist to create full-size models from a single block of clay by craftsmen, utilizing the visual and tactile senses, infusing ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design into the shape of Mazda2. 

Which one will be yours?

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Soul Red Metallic


1.5L Petrol Engine

High compression ratio of 14.0:1 harnesses more energy from every litre of fuel
4-2-1 exhaust layout helps to reduce engine knock and improve performance

115 PS of power
148 Nm of torque



Ideal balance of precise handling and ride comfort
Direct connection between car and driver
Weight reduction and enhanced rigidity through optimised structure



Achieves incredible lightness and rigidity
Increased use of high and ultra high tensile steel cuts weight throughout
Front and rear suspension mounting points bond directly to the underbody, adding further strength


SKYACTIV-Drive (Automatic)

Shifts are fast and refined for maximum driving fun and high efficiency. The 6-speed transmission connects directly with the engine across a far wider range than other automatics for increased fuel economy and more direct power delivery.

G-Vectoring Control – World’s First Technology for Smooth Cornering

Mazda2 GVC features with G-Vectoring Control, the world’s first* technology to adjust engine torque in response to steering inputs, to help achieve a smoother, less fatiguing drive for you and you passengers.
*Based on Mazda’s in-house investigation.(As of June 2016)